Thursday, October 29, 2009

William Whittaker Taylor Brief Biography

I was happy to see Julianne had posted a picture of William Whittaker. I hope there will yet be many authors on this blog site.

To go with the picture posted, here is a brief biography of William Whittaker Taylor--mostly by the numbers.

William Whittaker Taylor is the son of John Taylor. He married his first cousin, Sarah Hoagland (her mother is John Taylor's sister). William and Sarah are the parents of six children: Harriet, Abram, William, Agnes, Sarah, and John. William Whittaker Taylor was in the first quorum of the seventies when he died at the tender age of 31. Abram had died four years earlier just prior to his second birthday and the son William died a couple of months later as a nine month old. At the time of their deaths, William and Sarah had only one other child, Harriet although Sarah was pregnant with our grandmother (great grandmother) Agnes. At the time of William Whittaker's death, Harriet was eight, Agnes three, Sarah two, and Sarah the mother was just one month pregnant with John. Twelve years later, Sarah the mother died leaving the four remaining children as orphans. Harriet, the eldest of the four was twenty when her mother died. She married less than a year after her mother's death. The other children went from one relative to another. Aunt Mary Schwartz who was one of the wives of the prophet Joseph F. Smith and a half-sister of their mother, Sarah Taylor was one person who took them. Their grandmother. Agnes Taylor Schwartz, also lived with Aunt Mary Schwartz Smith. According to Robert Henry Casper Marchant's history, William Whitaker Taylor was a vegetarian.

Aunt Linnie Findlay compiled a history of many of William Whitaker Taylor's papers and other items of interest. I have a copy of this history. I suspect that many of the parent generation (the children of the four Marchant daughters) do have copies of the history. Aunt Linnie did work on the computer so maybe a Findlay can make the history available in a digital format.

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