Thursday, October 29, 2009

Agnes Taylor

Agnes Taylor is John Taylor's younger sister by eleven years. She was married four times. It appears she divorced her first husband, John Rich, as his death date is recorded as being after she had remarried. She bore four children to him. She married her second husband John Benbow in Nauvoo. It appears they were also divorced as he didn't die until 1874 and there is only a year between the time she married him and the time she married her third husband, Abraham Hoagland, our ancestor. Agnes was 23 years younger than Abraham. I don't know if it was the age difference, polygamy, or personality problems which led to the divorce. Divorce seemed to be what she did. She bore five children to Abraham., the youngest of which is our ancestor Sarah Hoagland born in 1855. The fourth child, a boy, died in infancy. In 1862 Agnes married her fourth husband, Wilhelm Schwartz. She bore two children by him one of whom died as an infant and the other is the Mary Schwartz who married Joseph F. Smith who later became the prophet of the church. According to the censuses, Agnes lived with her daughter Mary until her death in 1911. The censuses say that Agnes was widowed but our data shows that her husband did not die until after she did and he was in Arizona. However, I have not found him the census records of 1900 or 1911 nor have I found a death record of him in Arizona so I don't know what is correct. The census record also says she was the mother of eleven children. We have them all accounted for. Sarah Hoagland's children, Agnes and John, after they were orphaned show up on the census in 1900 at the home of Mary and Joseph F. Smith. Agnes Taylor Schwartz was still alive when my mother was born in 1911 but she died six months later. My mother used to say that Agnes Taylor didn't want to be sealed to any of her husbands.

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