Friday, October 23, 2009

We had ancestors in six (maybe seven) of the thirteen original colonies

Because the Marchants came to the US in the 1850's and the Taylors in the 1830's, I always considered us as new from the old country. I have been interested to learn that we have ancestors who lived in six (possibly seven) of the original thirteen colonies at the time of the Revolutionary War. The colonies and the family names at the time of the revolution are as follows. I have put the wives with their maiden names since their fathers/brothers were usually there also. 1) Connecticut—Justice Minor and Mabel Plumb 2) Maryland—Samuel Litton and Ann Crawford and Thomas Durbin and Clemency Litten 3) Virginia—Peter Casper and Mary Huckleberry 4) Massachusetts--Aaron Aspinwall and Sarah Collins 5) Pennsylvania—David Allison and Matilda Minor and 6) New York--Lucas Hoagland and Mary Bunn. Lucas and Mary Hoagland were not married until about 1796 and their son was born in New Jersey in 1797 but I don't know when they went to New Jersey. Even if they were in New Jersey, they still had family in New York. Knowing this made me feel like our ancestors had settled America and not come so recently from the old country.

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