Saturday, November 7, 2009

Playing with the numbers

I was just reading about Joseph Fielding Smith while simultaneously thinking of how my grandmother, Agnes Taylor and her siblings were taken in by him and his wife Mary Schwartz (who was the half-sister of my grandmother's mother). Mary's mother (therefore my grandmother's grandmother) Agnes Taylor Schwartz also lived there. She is the sister of John Taylor. Mary Schwartz was Joseph Fielding Smith's 6th wife. She was born in 1865, the year before Joseph Fielding Smith became an apostle at the age of 28. They were married in 1884.

Anyway, back to my grandmother. She was three when her father died and so probably did not remember him. Joseph Fielding Smith was six when his father died and never forgot the events surrounding his father's death. Grandmother was fifteen when she was orphaned, Joseph Fielding Smith was thirteen when he was orphaned. He probably had a lot of sympathy for Grandmother and her siblings, because of the extra dimension of having suffered the same losses at roughly similar ages.

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